McDermott Lab

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McDermott Lab Members (Current)



Current Research Associates/Technicians/Post-Doctoral Fellows:


Catherine Chan (

Role : Lab Manager/Lab Support


 Xiaodong Gao (

Role: Project support:  Animal husbandry and colony maintenance


Dr. Tetsuaki Miyake (

Role: Experimental support and Molecular Imaging Specialist; focus on characterization of protein networks in striated muscle differentiation


Current Graduate and BSc Honours students:


Amira Moustafa ( (PhD candidate)
Project :  Identification and function of MEF2 protein networks in cardiac muscle


Shezote talukder  ( (MSc candidate)

Project: Transcription factor interactomes in Rhabdomyosarcoma


Jonathan Kelebeev  ( (MSc candidate)

Project: TAZ interactome in striated muscle


Gurnoor Brar ( (MSc candidate)

Project: Regulation of MMP9 by MEF2/Stat3 in cardiomyocytes


Fatima Farhat (MSc candidate)

Project: Beta catenin protein:protein interactions in striated muscle


Sydney Steiman ( (MSc candidate)

Project: MEF2 interactome in striated muscle


Anastasia Mackeracher ( (MSc candidate)

TAZ protein:protein interactions in striated muscle


Kanwarpartap Dhindsa  ( (BSc Hons candidate)

Project: MEF2 interacting proteins in skeletal muscle