McDermott Lab

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McDermott Lab Members (Current)


Research Associates/Technicians/Post-Doctoral Fellows:


Catherine Chan (

Role : Lab Manager/Lab Support


 Xiaodong Gao (

Role: Project support:  In Vivo regulation of gene expression in cardiac and skeletal muscle


Dr. Tetsuaki Miyake (

Project:   Characterization of protein networks in striated muscle development


Dr Saviz Eyhai (

Project: Beta catenin protein:protein interactions in vascular smooth muscle cells



Graduate and BSc Honours students:

DanDan Sun ( (PhD candidate)

Project: Role of AP-1 in skeletal muscle development and regeneration


Sara Hashemi ( (PhD candidate)

Project: Regulation of myocyte enhancer factor 2 (MEF2) by signaling pathways in cardiomyocytes

Other info: MSc Chemistry (mass spectrometry)


Amira Moustafa ( (PhD candidate)
Project :  Identification and function of MEF2 protein networks in cardiac muscle .


Soma Tripathi ( (PhD candidate)

Project: Nuclear function of Smad7 in skeletal muscle


Tracey Edwards   ( (MSc candidate)

Project: Regulation of satellite cell gene expression in skeletal muscle


Kamran Ebrahimian  ( (PhD candidate)

Project:  Role of MEF2 protein interactions in heart disease

Previously, Kamran obtained an MSc in Molecular Biotechnology, University of Barcelona where his  project concerned analysis of the molecular role of dysferlin in  rhabdomyosarcoma.

Michael Chimenti ( (MSc candidate)

Project:    Protein:protein interaction analysis in muscle


Hyeok (Leo) Ju ( (BSc Hons student)

Project:    Function of Smad7 at muscle-specific promoters