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Strike Issues and procedures for concluding the course (updated) 4061 April 17th 2018


Classes are continuing in this course. For those students  who choose not to cross the picket lines, audiofiles of the lectures during the strike have been loaded on the web site on the same page as the corresponding powerpoint file for each lecture. The ppt file also contains readings from the course text book.

The recent guest lecture by Dr Kubiseski is now posted (pdf of slides and audio file) on the page:  TK 4061 March 20 2018 Lecture.

Essay is due on 29th March. A hard copy is preferred!! For those who do not want to cross picket line- a pdf file of your paper can be sent to me ( Please ask for email confirmation of receipt of paper to ensure I received it. If you do NOT receive a confirmation you can be sure I did not receive it and you need to contact me.

Last class is on TUESDAY April 3rd. In this class we will have presentations and an overview of the exam material/topics.

Final exam is scheduled for April 17th 9am.

Today (April 17th) the final exam for 4061 was attended by 38 students.  For the remainder (those who chose not to cross the picket lines or could not attend the final exam because of illness) there will be an examination- date to be determined in the remediation/exam period ( I will post it here). All of the powerpoint files for the whole course and audiofiles for the lectures since the strike began are on the course web site.